Is Your AC on the Fritz?

Rely on us for prompt and professional repairs

Keeping cool is important, especially in Live Oak, TX and the greater San Antonio area. When your AC unit stops working, it's time to call Doc Adams Heating And AC, LLC to get the best fix. We offer AC repair services to get the cool air flowing fast. We work on all major AC makes and models.

Our AC repair service is fast and affordable. Call us today to schedule an AC repair service at your home.

Signs you need an AC Repair

Signs you need an AC Repair

Your air conditioning likely won't break without any warning. There are a couple of signs that your AC unit needs our repair service. Call us now if you notice:

  • Warm air
  • Water leaks
  • Bad noises
  • Foul odors
  • Constant cycles

If you recognize these signs or you're still unsure, reach out today at 210-957-1123.